The First. The Reason.

Perhaps it’s inside everyone, or maybe just certain people, others like me, but I’ve always found that I can express myself better in writing. If something great happens, I want to write about it. If I have an opinion on something, I want to write about it. I think it’s a good thing. It helps me process and absorb. That being said, I’m often too lazy to take the time to write, which I hate. I created this blog to give myself somewhere to write; somewhere to attempt to capture the moments of joy and magic in my life and somewhere to express my theology on the things in life that really matter to me.

When I was little, visiting my Grandma, she would always respond with the same phrase when asked what was for dessert: “Wind pie and water pudding.” It, of course, meant none of your business. But I always thought that wind pie and water pudding sounded rather wonderful. Think of the beautiful, flavorful breezes that blow in Autumn, whipped together and dolloped into a flaky pie crust. Delicious. Wind has always seemed like was almost a food to me. It’s so flavorful and filling to my soul.  So, the first part of this blogs name is WIND.

SUNSHINE. The word sunshine generally conjures imagines of summertime and the beach, but my favorite sunshine is in the Autumn and Spring, when a cold breeze is blowing but bright sunshine and blue sky kisses your skin with warmth. It’s subtle and wakes you up, yet rocks you to sleep, at the same time.

About three years ago, I spent an afternoon with my brother’s girlfriend, blowing BUBBLES. It was sunshiny and breezy. The bubbles danced in the breeze and turned into sphere of rainbows in the sunlight. Because of that day, nothing can make me happier than a couple of full bubble wands, some sunshine, and some wind.

For me, a perfect day consists of some wind, sunshine and bubbles, but those three words also bring something deeper to mind. I believe that I as a person was designed to be a bit like a bubble. A bubble of joy who reflects the Light, the Son-shine, in a way that is just as captivating and powerful as the rainbows that swirl in the surface of a bubble. Just as bubble-making works best on a day that has a breeze, I am best at reflecting that colorful life when I’m floating on the breath of life, the Spirit of God.

I have opinions about politics and modern culture and all of that, but I think all of those things in life pale to almost nothing when you are just soaking up the Light and floating on His wind. This world is so beautiful and He shows Himself to me so often throughout life that I want to celebrate it. I want to celebrate the things that bring me joy and the things that are beautiful. I want to capture moments.

Feel free to join me.