Life Theology – in quotes

I like words and sentences. I like how my favorite authors – or just authors in general – can capture truths so well. I have a very lengthy collection of my favorite quotes and passages from books collected. Many of those quotes are favorites because they perfectly capture how I feel about the most important things in my life. They capture my worldview, basically. I figured I could organize them into sections. I like the result. Feel free to look at it if you want. You might find some quotes that you want to claim as favorites.

Oh, I only put the authors in here, so if you are wondering which book a quote is from, let me know. (Ted Dekker, Stephen R. Lawhead and Gene Stratton-Porter will come up a lot in here, because so far, they’ve never presented a worldview i wasn’t fully on board with.)


 “The Almighty is to forgive sin and heal disease, not to invent and spread it.” – Gene Stratton-Porter

“Lord, but this is a funny world when you get to studying! Looks like things didn’t come all by accident. Looks as if there was a plan back of it, and somebody driving that knows the road and how to handle the lines.” – Gene Stratton-Porter

“God wields an empire to bless his children.” –John Piper

“Nay, Bessy – think! God does not willingly afflict.”  -Margaret Gaskell

“This Hanging God is unlike any of the others; this god suffers, too, just like his people. . . That God became a man, shouldering the weight of suffering so that on the final day none could say, ‘Who are you to judge the world? What do you know of injustice? What do you know of torture, sickness, poverty? How dare you call yourself a righteous God! What do you know of death?!’  He knows, Aiden, he knows!”            -Stephen Lawhead

“Goodness is ever good, and the All-Wise God is a good God. From Him goodness derives its meaning.” –Stephen Lawhead

“[There] is only one religion in which God seemed for an instant an atheist.” –G. K. Chesterton


God’s Will

“Pain was not God’s plan for this life. It is a reality, but it is not part of the plan.”  –Ted Dekker

“But we reckon without God. God said: you think you are going to be abandoned, dolt? No. No, it shall not come to pass like that.”        -Victor Hugo

“God, who roused me against my enemies and gave me victory, God, I can see, does not wish my victory to end with that regret. I wished to punish myself, but God wants to pardon me. So, love me, Haydee!” –Alexandre Dumas

“I  find a great deal in life that is cruel, from our stand points. It takes the large wisdom of the Unfathomable, the philosophy of the Almighty, to bear some of it. But there is always right somewhere and at last it seems to come.” – Gene Stratton-Porter



 “Know you, the Battlehost of the Ancient Enemy is large, and falter before nothing save the True Word.”    –Stephan R. Lawhead

Destroyer began to wilt, “She was mine, from her youth!” “Ours – our Lord’s,” said Tal, “from her mother’s womb.” “Get out of my life, Jonas!” Sally cried. “Jesus has conquered you – so get out!!”    -Frank Peretti

“Great Light, the Enemy’s power is so fragile! The devils can only use what we ourselves give them. Do you see? Give them nothing and their power fails, it falls like a spent arrow, like a blade broken and blunted.” –Stephen Lawhead

Life Purpose   

“Attend me now, Great Guide, and lead me in your ways. For wide is the world, and tangled the paths by which a man must go. And I am so easily led astray.     Here am I upon my rock, and here I stay; I will be unmoved until you, Unmoved Mover, move in me. I will keep silent until you, Living Word, speak to me. In darkness I will sit until you, Light of Life, illuminate me.” – Stephen Lawhead

“If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.”  – Martin Luther King Jr.

“My honor is not determined by that of my enemy.” – Gerald Morris

“The glory of the Maker is man fully alive.” –Ted Dekker

“What have you decided to be,Mac?”   “A man first, and a good one if possible. After that, what God pleases.”             -Louisa May Alcott

“What are we fighting for, Sam?”  “That there is some good left in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for!!” –Samwise Gamgee

“Monsieur Mayor that is just it. I am not in the world to care for my life, but for souls.”   -Victor Hugo



“No less than gravity, prayer is one of the elemental forces that moves the world. We underestimate it at our peril.” –Stephen Lawhead

“Jesus is the only one whose body will contain scars throughout all eternity.”  – C.J. Mahaney

“We are too young to realize that certain things are impossible, so we do them anyway.” –Amazing Grace

  “Grace and hope are dead without love.” –Ted Dekker 

“No man can be called friendless when he has God and the companionship of good books.” -Elizabeth Barrett Browning


“Up you arose! Christ Victorious! You threw aside the sack and stood. Death, that weak, contemptible thing, lay shattered at your feet. You kicked the shards aside and strode from the tomb, brave soldiers falling on their faces, slain by the sight of such undiluted glory!” –Stephen Lawhead

“Redemption. It will never cease to thrill me.” –Frank Peretti

“One poor, wandering country preacher – homeless, penniless, friendless, and despised by all but a handful of no-account fishermen and a few women – gave himself so fully to God that the combined might of the two most powerful forces in his world – the Roman empire and the religious authorities – could not stop him.”    “They crushed him and killed him,” murmured Cass, gazing at the empty cross on the alter. “And look what happened.” “Yes, “ agreed Mrs. Peelstick softly, “they killed him . . . and look what happened.”    -Stephen Lawhead

“He had come to be the Savior of this woman. He knew her by name, and speaking her name, He touched her.    And her sins were gone.” –Frank Peretti


Men & Women

“They touched each other, they behold each other, they clasped each other’s hands, they pressed closely to each other;  but there was a distance they did not pass. . . Marius felt a barrier, the purity of Cosette, and Cosette felt a support, the loyalty of Marius. . .  What passed between these two beings? Nothing. They were adoring each other.”    -Victor Hugo

“A man had to fight with his back to the wall in these days, and he needed a woman to buckles on his armor.” – Santa Claus is Kindness(Christmas in My Heart)

“I must be a man, in order to be a gentleman.” –Gene Stratton-Porter

“She had grown in beauty so much greater than any beauty that could be seen in girls around her that she shone out as one star brighter than the rest shines in the heavens, because she belonged to John Guido. She had kept herself for him alone. Any healthful game she had played. Any races she had run. She could sail a boat and she could swim, but there was not a boy living who had dared lay his hands familiarly upon her. To herself she was a sacred thing. She was set apart. . . And when he came there would not be any sordid story to tell him. There would not be anything humiliating to confess. She would be able to say, “I have not gone with the crowd. I have waited apart. I have kept myself something sacred, something holy, waiting for you.” – Gene Stratton-Porter

“Feminism is mixed up with the muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.”  -G. K. Chesterton


“Young people, if your studying science and the elements has ever led you to feel that things just happen, kind of evolve by chance, as it were, this sight will be good for you. Maybe earth and air accumulate, but it takes the wisdom of the Almighty God to devise the wing of a moth. If there ever was a miracle, this whole process is one.“ –Gene Stratton-Porter

“You have to believe that God not only exists but that life is ultimately about an epic battle over the hearts of mankind! Good versus evil, not only as theological constructs or ideas, but as real forces at work wherever they are permitted to work.” –Ted Dekker


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