Dear Charles Martin

An open letter to a beautiful author The first book of yours I ever read was Wrapped in Rain. My Grandma handed it to me as my family headed out the door, about to begin a roadtrip from Florida to Minnesota. My Grandmother, beautiful woman that she is, tends to have questionable book recommendations. I … More Dear Charles Martin

Good Listening

I know I’m so late to this party, but in the past 18 months I have discovered just how wonderful podcasts are. They feel like the grown-up version of my childhood obsession with audio books.  I find it harder to fit audio books into my life these days, because an audio book is something I … More Good Listening

Bleak Midwinter

I gotta admit, I totally love the look Minnesota gets midwinter. Midwinter when it’s been a minute since we’ve gotten a blanket of fresh snow. Brownish-black trees with bare limbs reaching to the sky; a crunchy sheet of snow covering the ground, grey, and white, and taupe; overcast skies with biting-cold wind. It’s like a … More Bleak Midwinter


Moments from 2017 I want to remember. Disclaimer just for myself: This is not an exhaustive list. Starting the first minutes of the year, curled up on the floor with Pancake, stupidly wearing matching outfits and laughing at life in general. The heart-wrenching pain of saying goodbye to Mum and Blade at the security gate, … More 2017

So This is Love

A song my heart started singing right after graduation. He whispered “Abide” and my heart started to learn to snuggle up to my Daddy. I lay on the floor in the middle of a school cafeteria  and my heart met my Marmee for the first time. “Hello Holy Spirit. I’m Terah. Who are you?” I … More So This is Love

Chosen Friendship

Fully immersed in a worship session, when the bridge of this song throws me off: “There is no one like you, Jesus. You stand alone.” When I hang out with Jesus, I see a God who certainly is worthy of everything and overwhelming in majesty, but He does not stand alone.He’s always surrounded by His … More Chosen Friendship

Dream Come True

As a child, my heart had this deep ache. I was in love with Jesus and knew that “Jesus loves me. . .” but my heart was aching for more. I looked at my church and my experience with Jesus and I knew this couldn’t be all there was. I couldn’t explain it or define … More Dream Come True