Dear Charles Martin

An open letter to a beautiful author The first book of yours I ever read was Wrapped in Rain. My Grandma handed it to me as my family headed out the door, about to begin a roadtrip from Florida to Minnesota. My Grandmother, beautiful woman that she is, tends to have questionable book recommendations. I … More Dear Charles Martin


Moments from 2017 I want to remember. Disclaimer just for myself: This is not an exhaustive list. Starting the first minutes of the year, curled up on the floor with Pancake, stupidly wearing matching outfits and laughing at life in general. The heart-wrenching pain of saying goodbye to Mum and Blade at the security gate, … More 2017

Why Fiction

“I am the product of endless books.” -CS Lewis What is the value of fictional works in a world with some much reality to deal with? I find it an odd thing how often my love of fictional works is challenged by people. The number of times I’ve been told that novels and stories are … More Why Fiction

Washington and Praising God

Remember when Washington couldn’t help but praise God’s hand in the creation of the United States??? All the testimonies of how God had been with them during the Revolution “forced themselves too strongly on [Washington’s] mind to be suppressed.” I’m celebrating that God is still the “Almighty Being”, “Great Author” and “Invisible Hand” to this … More Washington and Praising God

Dear Suzanne Collins/Dear Young Adult Novels  –  Truth About Unlikely Heroes and Epic Conflicts

I believe there is good, pure good, in the world, and it is worth fighting for. I believe you don’t have to stoop to evil’s level to defeat it. Your honor is not determined by that of your enemy. I believe the war and pain we see in the world right now is not our … More Dear Suzanne Collins/Dear Young Adult Novels  –  Truth About Unlikely Heroes and Epic Conflicts

Written Words

I’m a quotes person. I love words and sentences. I love when an author writes the perfect sentence or paragraph.  Written word motivates me, so I’ve got a little collection of quotes that are always up on the sticky notes app on my computer. I’ve put the words before my eyes so I never forget. … More Written Words