An Open Letter To Christians Who Think Humility is Believing You are Nothing

“That saved a wretch like me” -John Newton ‘Day by day His tender mercy, Healing, helping, full and free, Brought me lower while I whispered, “Less of self, and more of Thee.” Less of self, and more of Thee, Less of self, and more or Thee, Brought me lower while I whispered, “Less of self, … More An Open Letter To Christians Who Think Humility is Believing You are Nothing


I’ve been living in PA for more than a month. This is the first time in my life than my home has been in a different state than my family members. I’ve never experienced this kind of missing them before. If I miss them, I can’t just plan a visit or schedule a day to … More Missing

Bells in My Ears

  “It’s always a special minute when it comes. Every year. Christmas, I mean.  Sometimes it’s when the tree is up and trimmed and you step back from it and see it sparkle for the first time and hear it tinkling a little. And you smell that smell – of the woods brought indoors.  Sometimes … More Bells in My Ears

True Blood

I was birthed into a family. I have the DNA from my parents. Nothing, no circumstance, choice, or attack, changes that DNA. The thing is, the deepest reality of my family and DNA is not my mother who gave birth to me at the nurse midwife’s or my father who cut my umbilical cord and … More True Blood

Baby Blanket

I’ve been realizing recently how God was my father/mother/brother before my earthly family. I was created by Him and, in a way, born in Heaven before I was ever born to my family. The other day He gave me a picture of the most amazing baby blanket. The following is my attempt at describing it. … More Baby Blanket


I believe there is power in thankfulness and choosing joy every day. That being so, i think this video is a POWERFUL offering of praise from Dave Barnes. It’s beautiful. What a picture of how we can choose to view life.  Kudos to you, Mr. Barnes.

Sherbet Skies

One of the most discussed topics in my area currently is the Polar Votex. It  has been FRIGID here. But, because it’s been so cold for so long, it’s no longer something that we are joking about. People are starting to feel like they hate Winter, if they didn’t already. When i think about the … More Sherbet Skies