My King-Lover

As mentioned in the previous post, moving states away from my beloved family and MN peeps has been more bearable than expected. I’ve actually been enjoying myself. Did I cry after I got off the phone with my sister the other day? Definitely. Did my heart break a little – in the best way – … More My King-Lover


I live in that place with over 10,000 lakes. It is my favorite thing about home. I love that I am guaranteed to drive past at least one lake no matter where I am going. I love how, for me, the lakes are the biggest markers of the changing seasons. They look different in Winter, … More 10,000+

Larry. Bob.

It’s September and I couldn’t be happier. Well, I thought I couldn’t. Then I created a VeggieTales Pandora station and discovered that there is a VeggieTales album of worship songs. AMAZING.


As I’ve shared before, I imagine P.E. Island in perpetual Autumn. L. M. Montgomery describes it as such a delightful, picturesque place that it must have Autumn’s dreamy weather at all times. Because of this delusion I have, whenever I’m feeling Fall-y, I go to the library and check out every L. M. Montgomery book … More Confectionery.