Chosen Friendship

Fully immersed in a worship session, when the bridge of this song throws me off: “There is no one like you, Jesus. You stand alone.”

When I hang out with Jesus, I see a God who certainly is worthy of everything and overwhelming in majesty, but He does not stand alone.He’s always surrounded by His little children. Two on His lap, one on His shoulders, another clutching His arm. . .

Worthy to stand alone, but chooses not to. I mean, He died so that we could share His seat next to the throne. The elder brother who willingly went halfsies (see Prodigal God, Timothy Keller).”Why have you forsaken me?” so we could always be joined with Him. He went through the whole path of redemption so He could walk up to the thrown with His Bride.

He could stand alone, but why would He want to?

“Will I stand in Your presence or in awe of You be still” is just entering the throne room, seeing those eyes of Love, and being lifted up onto the lap of Jesus. “Welcome home, baby.” He’s the God who holds the hand of every person, if they will let Him.

Can you imagine that love?

Yes, don’t let your intimacy lose sight of the holiness, and spoke-forth-stars-ness, and sends-fire-from-Heaven-ness. But don’t settle for anything less than the closest possible union. That’s what He died for, for goodness sake!

Do not allow yourself to create a picture of a God who stands alone. Don’t dishonor His salvation in that way. He died for a Bride.

So be the Beloved.




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