Declarations from The Song of All Songs

All of these declarations come straight from the Song of Songs (Passion Translation).  Instead of writing the literal translation (i.e. Your hair is like goats running down a mountain),  Dr. Brian Simmons translated the meanings of these weird compliments, with lots of notes to explain why he chose the meanings he chose.The Song of Songs is a book of poetry. Inspired by God, Solomon filled it with symbolic language that would paint word pictures to his Hebrew audience. But just as the works of Shakespeare or Keats, etc, can be hard to understand without an understanding of classic symbolism and cultural references, Song of Songs can be a mystery of strange phrases without some good annotation. The Passion Translation is a wonderful starting place for this book of the Bible as it makes interpreting the symbolism an easy task.

As I read through this beautiful book in the Passion Translation, I noticed for the first time how much of it is God declaring what is true about me. I started to write down each statement as a came across it. I am still overwhelmed by the results. 

Declarations from The Song of All Songs 

I am so lovely (1:5).

I am thrilling to God (1:8).

I am marked by redeeming grace (1:11).

I am “beauty itself” to my King-Lover (1:15).

I am the very theme of God’s song. (2:1).

God holds me close and I am at rest in His love (2:6).

The One I love calls me and I can hear His voice (2:8-10).

God wants to see my face and hear my voice (2:14).

I know my Lover is mine (2:16).

I have everything in Christ (2:16).

For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought” – Edmund Spenser (2:17-3:4).

There are angelic warriors standing ready to defend me (3:10).

I sit with God (3:10).

Today is a day of His great gladness! (3:11)

I am “beauty itself” to my King-Lover (4:1).

I taste God’s Word (4:2).

I am pure and clean (4:2).

I show grace and balance with truth on display (4:2).

My lips speak mercy and grace, the words of my mouth are refreshing (4:3).

I have inner strength (4:4).

Pure faith and love rest over my heart (4:5).

Every part of me is beautiful (4:7).

I leave God breathless with love, I actually take His breath away (4:9).

My love is like a fine wine to God, as His is to me (4:11).

There is a Promised Land flowing within me (4:11).

A beautiful paradise unfolds within me as my relationship with Him grows (4:13-14).

Wells of living water spring up from within me (4:15).

I am planted with His vineyard of love (4:16-5:1).

What Jesus grows in me feeds and refreshes those around me (5:1).

I am called deeper into God (5:2).

I am God’s friend (5:2).

I am flawless (5:2).

My Beloved unlocks my heart (5:4).

I will not be turned aside from God’s love (5:8).

Everything about God fills me with holy desire (5:16).

I have God fully and He fully has me! (6:3).

I am God’s garden of delight (6:3).

I am more delightful than delight to my King-Lover (6:4).

I ravish God’s heart (6:4).

God is overcome by my love (6:5).

I am without equal and beyond compare (6:9).

My love for my King-Lover stirs up passion in others (6:13).

I am truly royalty (7:1).

I am the poetry of God (7:1).

Out of my inmost being flows the fullness of the Holy Spirit (7:2-3).

My life is like a shining light on a hill (7:4).

I am surrounded by great discernment that protects me from the enemy’s advance (7:4).

I am crowned with redeeming love (7:5).

I stand in victory, stately and secure, because I am my King-Lover’s (7:7).

Every part of me is possessed by God (7:8).

I am filled with my Beloved (7:10).

I run with God to show His redeeming love to all people (7:11-12).

I display my love for God, boldly (7:12).

I am at rest in God’s love (8:3).

I cling to my Beloved (8:5).

My heart is sealed with a living, consuming fire (8:6).

I am a prisoner of Love! (8:6).

Pain and persecution can never quench the flame sealing me (8:7).

I yield everything to God (8:7).

I am a tower of passion and contentment for my Beloved (8:10).

I bring God bliss (8:10).

I have favor in my King-Lover’s eyes (8:10).

I dance with God (8:14).

I am united as one with my King-Lover (8:14).

If you’re unfamiliar with spiritual declarations, I like to think of them as statements that are the truth about God or me and my life as a child of God. They are definitive truth, often taken straight from scripture, but the don’t necessarily feel like they are true to you. God has declared all these things to be true about me, but I don’t always live in a way that fits with them. I find declarations powerful because they remind me who I am. They help me switch my beliefs and thought-patterns to fit with what God says. 


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