What God’s Done Since I Graduated

I moved from my home in MN to PA. I finished my Bachelors degree. I’ve started a school of ministry. I’m experiencing one of those times in life where I have very distinctly stepped into a new phase. As I was reflecting back on my life since graduating high school till now, I realized that God answers all my main prayer requests. As I’m thinking with Him about new dreams for my world, I wanted to create a list of praise for what He has already done. 

My Dad is not only comfortable with the Holy Spirit, he embraces encounters with God.

My little brothers and family are going to Eden.

My oldest brother fell in love with Kelly and she is great!

I have three nephews and one niece to love.

Trevor has a passion for Jesus and is living like a man, not making horrible decisions.

Mitchell is so full of the dreams God gave him.

Braeden is so free.

Brenna is my dear, dear friend and my heart is safe with her.

I don’t carry offense toward my Mom and can see all her wonderfulness.

Got Revelation that I’m not little and writing is something God put in me.

Attended SoT and attending GCSSM.

Liz embraced that she’s a prophet and now she’s influencing her whole family.

Theo is wonderfully healthy.

Plemel’s are at Eden and SoT, embracing Kingdom Life.

Pieper’s have Bible verses in their home and keep having babies!

Ben and Kelly have a super cool ministry and just pursuing all of Jesus.

Taylor married a great girl!

Dad, Mom, and Mitchell at SoT.

I’m learning how to be friends with guys.

There is a baby girl in my family.

True, deep friendship with Liz.

Anastasia being more honest about where she’s actually at.

Amazing Thursday nights Bible Study.

I snuck into Statema’s heart.

Penny is my friend.

Preaching at Eden.

Bringing joy and fun to Timber Bay – drunktional housekeeping and such.

Influencing Kate.

Restarting book club with Anastasia and Josh.

My nephews adore me!

My heart feels safe with every family member.

Told all my family – close and extended – what I love about them.

I’m comfortable with the Pontius relatives.

PA is really fun and great and feels like a second home.

2016 Summer of refreshing and restoration.

Turns out I’m passionate about History.

Hope for Dad’s health situation.


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