“Co (from the Greek, transliteration sun, pronounced soon): a primary preposition denoting union, with or together, that is by association, companionship, process, resemblance, possession, instrumentality, addition, etc. In compounds it has similar applications including completeness.”

I was always taught that I am the Bride-to-be of Christ, waiting for my Bridegroom to return and our marriage to begin. I’m engaged to Jesus and one day we’ll be together. Then I studied Revelations and the Song of Songs at the same time and began to sit under Georgian and Winnie Banov’s teaching of Romans 6-8.

I’ve written about the conclusions my Revelations study led me to (Living Heaven). I began to realize I was not waiting for Revelations 19 to have union with Christ. I am already one with Him. The broken, sinful nature that separated me from Him was destroyed by His sacrifice.

After an in-depth study of the Song of All Songs, the only conclusion I could come to was that I am not Christ’s fiancee, I am His Wife, His Bride forever. I mean, study through Song of Songs. That’s the relationship of two married people. Completely intimate and wholly pure because it is within a marriage. I’ve always thought of Jesus as my someday Groom, but I’ve realized I’m not waiting for a wedding – this life is walking down the aisle and marrying Him. I’m just still waiting for the reception (wedding feast).He is my King-Lover, who I am in perfect union with.

Romans 6-8 lays out how I was:





and therefore:





and am co-glorified as a co-heir with Christ.

Complete and perfect union with Him in all things. No longer I who live because I’ve cleaved to Him and become one flesh. Our union with Love is not meant to wait for some future day. It is the reality which was purchased for us on the Cross, and we entered into at the Cross.

Why live like you’re only dating or engaged when you’ve got a signed marriage license?? Go enjoy the intimacy that is available to you! 



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