Life is Wonderful

By the third week in PA with no success in the job search, I wasn’t nervous or worried, per se, but I was questioning whether I had heard God right about what type of job I should pursue. Maybe this time He’s not going to give me the desires of my heart? Maybe this time it is supposed to be hard? Maybe it was time for me to work a job that just pays the bills, rather than sowing into the skills I need for my life purpose? I felt like I was supposed to keep pursuing the jobs I really wanted until October, though. If nothing had happened by October 1st, that was my sign that it was time to get any-old-job.

Since I was unemployed, I signed up to go to the whole week of the conference put on by my school. I also had plenty of time to study for my last college exam.

Then God . . . 🙂

He’s so fun, isn’t He?

He gave me a month to settle in to PA, finish off my degree, and spend an entire week at a marvelous conference. Then He gave me the exact job I wanted.

Even more fun, I got the call that I had the job the day before the conference started and found out my first day would be the day after the conference ended. So I went into the conference without any weight of concern over jobs but also did not have to miss any part of said conference.

I’m so excited about this job. I get to nanny again; sow into the lives of beautiful children. It is so great that this family has invited me into their lives! On the practical level, the job fits everything I was looking for, but what is even more exciting to me is the chance to well-love a family that were strangers to me so recently. I get to bring peace, and love, and joy, into their home, and they’ve given me permission to do so. This is my favorite kind of ministry! Plus, four weeks without playing with kids was killing me.

Oh PA! Thanks for continuing to be better than could have been imagined. I’m really glad I was obedient to doing what God told me, even when it felt like it was destroying my world.


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