Revolutionary Feelings

Election season. Specifically the 2016 Presidential election season. All the Christians around me barely hiding their panic. I’m surrounded by talk of intercession and following the Holy Spirit’s leading when you vote. This sounds really good. In fact, those two things are the actual solution to this political dilemma. Except that I can feel the … More Revolutionary Feelings


“Co (from the Greek, transliteration sun, pronounced soon): a primary preposition denoting union, with or together, that is by association, companionship, process, resemblance, possession, instrumentality, addition, etc. In compounds it has similar applications including completeness.” I was always taught that I am the Bride-to-be of Christ, waiting for my Bridegroom to return and our marriage … More Union


I’ve been living in PA for more than a month. This is the first time in my life than my home has been in a different state than my family members. I’ve never experienced this kind of missing them before. If I miss them, I can’t just plan a visit or schedule a day to … More Missing

Life is Wonderful

By the third week in PA with no success in the job search, I wasn’t nervous or worried, per se, but I was questioning whether I had heard God right about what type of job I should pursue. Maybe this time He’s not going to give me the desires of my heart? Maybe this time … More Life is Wonderful