The King of My Heart is GOOD

I’m sitting along a river, the wind brushing my hair out of my face. The sound of rushing cars behind me is a reminder that I’m not in MN anymore, but in front of me shimmering, blue water reassures me that this place can feel like home too.

I’ve been in PA for 6 days. Instead of the crippling homesickness I expected to experience, the overwhelming feeling has been deep gratitude for how wonderful my King-Lover is.

Before I even left MN, He perfectly orchestrated my schedule – enabling me to have time to get together with all my dearest people, from friends to siblings to grandparents. The wedding the weekend before I moved was perfect timing because it gave me a chance to see all my family together.

Goodbyes were terrible, of course, but surprisingly, my new place felt homey almost immediately. My roommate is better than I could have hoped for – someone I’ve found it easy to talk to and enjoy spending time with. I like this new city. It feels like it was prepared for me. It is so different from my life at home, but it still feels right. I am going to enjoy this time.

Talk about abundantly more than you could ask or imagine!


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