Living Heaven

This past year I went through BSF’s Revelations study.

All the women in my group really emphasized their excitement about getting to Heaven and being united with God. “Heaven is going to be wonderful because I’ll get to see God face-to-face. Won’t that one-day be wonderful? When my sin nature will be gone and nothing will separate me and Jesus?!”

Now, I agree that Heaven will be wonderful. I can’t wait to physically be with God. But I am already united with Him! From His birth, Jesus was Immanuel – God With Us.

Heaven is wonderful because God is with us, right? But God is currently with us. After He rose, one of the first things Jesus said was, “Tell them my God is now their God and my Father is their Father” (Terah’s paraphrase). Heaven will be wonderful because we will be united with our Daddy, but we are already united with our Daddy!

My body may not be there yet, but all that is within me dwells with God. My spirit is now His Spirit. My sinful nature has died and I am a new creation, united with Him.  Nothing can separate me from my God, now that He has redeemed me. I am a new creation – sin nature destroyed by His Spirit life. Where I live now is on the lap of Jesus, just to the right of the Throne. Check out the whole New Testament if you feel like I’m making this up.

I’m waiting for Heaven, but I am also living it right now.

I am already in God’s arms.


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