When You Walk into the Room. . .

The edges blur, not because my view isn’t clear; because that shine, that backlight, makes the senses blur. He looks fuzzy, ’cause my eyes are so overwhelmed by the majesty of the picture.

I don’t feel knock-you-over-glory, but there it is. I can see it. If the weight of it was released, I’d go down in an instant.

The crazy thing is, right in the midst of Light so bright it blurs vision and the tantalizing weight of glory is this grin. This “I’m so happy to see you” grin. Utter and complete pleasure that I’ve walked into the room. Me, who sings “when You walk into the room…”

That all-powerful You, the God of the universe, is excited because I came into His room, because I turned my face towards His.

How is that even possible?! 




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