Washington and Praising God

Remember when Washington couldn’t help but praise God’s hand in the creation of the United States??? All the testimonies of how God had been with them during the Revolution “forced themselves too strongly on [Washington’s] mind to be suppressed.” I’m celebrating that God is still the “Almighty Being”, “Great Author” and “Invisible Hand” to this … More Washington and Praising God

My King-Lover

As mentioned in the previous post, moving states away from my beloved family and MN peeps has been more bearable than expected. I’ve actually been enjoying myself. Did I cry after I got off the phone with my sister the other day? Definitely. Did my heart break a little – in the best way – … More My King-Lover

Living Heaven

This past year I went through BSF’s Revelations study. All the women in my group really emphasized their excitement about getting to Heaven and being united with God. “Heaven is going to be wonderful because I’ll get to see God face-to-face. Won’t that one-day be wonderful? When my sin nature will be gone and nothing … More Living Heaven