Dear Suzanne Collins/Dear Young Adult Novels  –  Truth About Unlikely Heroes and Epic Conflicts

I believe there is good, pure good, in the world, and it is worth fighting for.

I believe you don’t have to stoop to evil’s level to defeat it. Your honor is not determined by that of your enemy.

I believe the war and pain we see in the world right now is not our only option. “Just because it’s done doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.”

I believe you do not have to fight dirty to defeat an enemy that is fighting dirty. No stooping.

I believe leaders can have honor and morals, and not compromise them.

I believe good has, and always will be, more powerful than evil. WE WIN.

I believe you can be given the strength to be a hero.

I believe war does not have to lead to PTSD. You are not condemned to nightmares, unhealthy coping mechanisms and all the rest.

I believe saving your family is not always the top priority. By saving the world, you are saving them.  Don’t let fear control you.

I believe good can win without compromising and being tainted by the fight.

I believe one person has the power to change a culture.

I believe our world is not, and will never be, a dystopia.

I believe you have a duty to stand up to the evil around you. Sitting in silence and trying to hide from its power is not an option.

I believe technological strength, numbers, and just general power do not always determine the outcome. Whose side you are on, good or evil, determines the outcome.

I believe we have a God who fights for us. I believe the powers of darkness are nothing compared to Him. He gives strength and power for the fight. We are not alone. He does not abandon His children. Lift up your eyes and watch the Red Sea part.




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