I MADE THIS FOR YOU – On Genesis 1

Revisiting the same theme as Psalming 3


Day 1: The way light floats down between the canopy of leaves, creating lime-green tint.

Day 2: The way clouds look like they were painted by Me every morning.

Day 3: Tacos.

Day 4: How stars are visible in different ways depending on location, in town, at your home, in the middle of the state forest – like a whole different sky for you to witness.

Day 5: The concept of mermaids – inspiring your childhood beach games.

Day 6: Beef stew. 101 Dalmations, Beethoven,  Air Bud, Homeward Bound – all the dog-based movies you adored as a child.   The legend of King Arthur and the whole fantasy genre that authors have been writing since forever.

Day 7: Board games – times to gather with friends and laugh & play without trying to accomplish anything productive.



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