An Optimist’s Confession or Your Orders

Inspired by study of Revelations and current world events

I refuse to give in to fear. This reality is not mine – I know a greater one. I will choose best-case scenario life, no matter how irrational it seems. This doesn’t mean I’m incompetent in dealing with the earth or in denial about what happens. I just refuse to settle for that system.

Sure, things may be getting darker on the earth, but that just makes me brighter. Things may be coming to extremes, but my extreme is a glorious thing. My extreme, and your holy, glorious extreme, are what the earth has been groaning for.

Rise up, royal sons and daughters of God! You are being given a chance to show your honor and prove your meddle. Love fiercely.


“Greater is He that is in me than he that’s in the world.”


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