Always Winter

Winter is not my favorite season, but I love every moment of it.

I love when the snow is falling down thick and fluffy. The mild temperature is invited you outside for snow forts and fights. Tramping through the numerous feet of snow warms your body so that you strip off your coat and wander around in snow pants and mittens. It’s weather that immediately brings me back to childhood fun.

Or a day when the air is frigid and the snow has harden to a blanket of glorious, sparkling diamonds. The world is cold and sharp and shining. You only want to spend a few minutes outside, but those few minutes feel like you are living in a more extreme and majestic world.

Give me a blustery winter day, with the sun glinting off the snow that’s blowing across the road like stardust.

An early morning, after a sleet storm the night before, with trees covered in a blanket of shine and the sky the colors of sherbet.

Even a gray day, with the snow piles on the edge of the road melting down to brown and the bare branches standing alone. The world is wet and drippy and just begging me to go adventuring, on the lookout for Spring.

The sky in Winter is a sharp blue. It’s stately and stunning. At night, the stars stand out in sharp contrast. The cold weather doesn’t allow for long star gazing sessions, but it does have the best ones.

Winter is a royal season. Its extremes make life feel more elegant. Every bit of weather is this amazing thing that Daddy designed. How fun that he painted us a world with so many shades?!


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