Bells in My Ears, again

At 9:49pm I got a text from Pancake (you know, my bosom friend): “So, I have been crying and feeling miserable since about 5:30, and throwing up – so mom and dad are taking me into the hospital right now. Please be praying.”

Pancake has type 1 diabetes. What she had thought was just the flu turned out to be something more serious. At 10:15pm I got a text from Pancake’s Mom letting me know she was being admitted to the ICU.

At 11:49pm I got a text that things were not looking good. High keytones in her blood and labored breathing – might need to go on a respirator. I could feel the worry and fear they were experiencing through the text.

Now, I wasn’t really afraid for Pancake, because I know Jesus has got her. I prayed for healing sitting in bed, already in my pjs. I wasn’t nervous, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I didn’t think I should head to the hospital, because I would have to be up and ready for work the next morning (plus I knew I could visit her mid-morning the next day) but I just could fall asleep. I continued to pray for her and tried to make myself drowsy with poetry reading. I finally shut off the lights and lay down to sleep. Which was unsuccessful.

Then, at 1:42am I got another text from Pancake’s Mom: “Things have turned and she is doing way better!”

😀 😀 😀

I was feeling more awake than ever, for very different, joyful reasons now. How good is God??? I tried again to go to sleep, but it wasn’t working. I was too happy.

So, I tiptoed downstairs, turned on the Christmas tree lights and put the teapot in the stove. 2:00am, sitting the light of a Christmas tree with a warm mug in my hands, listening to the Future of Forestry Advent EPs, and it came again. Christmas.



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