Before Bed Snuggles

I’ve been thinking about Psalm 23. One of the most famous passages in the Bible. For me, it’s been one of those passages that are too familiar. The words don’t impact me.

Then I started thinking about how Psalm 23 is David using the metaphor of sheep and shepherd to express his relationship with God. But I’m not a shepherd. I’ve never met a sheep. I am, however, a nanny. Little kids, that is something I understand.

So, here is Psalm 23, rewritten by a nanny.

The LORD is my Daddy;

He takes care of me.

He tucks my favorite blanket around me;

He gets me a glass of cool water when I ask for it.

Before leaving me to

sleep, He gives me snuggles and kisses;

Because I am his baby.

I don’t have to be afraid of dark shadows or monsters in the closest;

Because my Daddy will keep me safe.

I know He is just down the hall, so I feel comforted.

I know that, no matter what the circumstances,

my Dad is going to provide for me.

I know that tomorrow,

we are going to play together.

I’m happy and safe and comfortable

because my Daddy is with me every day.


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