My Dearest One

  This post is about my dearest friend, Pancake. (Yes, we have pet names for each other). Most times though, in my head, I refer to her as “My Dearest One.” I’m not exactly sure, but I think I was a prig as a child, so the first time I met Pancake, I immediately decided … More My Dearest One

On Psalm 62:5-8

You could call this a Terah translation. Sometimes I need to rephrase to remind myself.  Snuggle up, heart, into your Daddy’s embrace. My light feelings and future dreams come out of His love. He is my foundation, safe place, and rescuing arms. He holds my future, nothing can knock me off course. My life and my … More On Psalm 62:5-8


The One who brings abundance to hungry people. (2 Kings 7:3-11, Mark 6:34-44) The One who takes the decomposing life and brings wholeness and healing. (Luke 8:43-48, John 11:17-44) The One whose great love withheld punishment and gave second chances. (Check out the Old Testament) But mostly, the One who is not surprised or disgusted … More Description