True Blood

I was birthed into a family. I have the DNA from my parents. Nothing, no circumstance, choice, or attack, changes that DNA.

The thing is, the deepest reality of my family and DNA is not my mother who gave birth to me at the nurse midwife’s or my father who cut my umbilical cord and held me first, it’s a Heavenly Dad who formed me with His hands and birthed me in Heaven. Before I took my first breath on earth, my marmie Holy Spirit, big brother Jesus and Daddy God had gazed with adoration on me – fully me, without the taint of original sin.

I used to think that sanctification was God trying to fix me. I thought He had invented this perfect girl He would change me into.

I didn’t realize that He saw me. The real me that I could feel a glimmer of inside. He knew the DNA of who I am, which could not be tainted by the messes in my life, cynicism of the world or my own sin. He knew me. His love was so much that He just wanted me to be me. He’s the only being I’ve ever met who didn’t have an agenda of who He needed me to change into. He just saw me and wanted me to be.

I’m not changing into a stranger, I’m stepping into me.


Here’s a couple messages that led to these thoughts:

“And God is their Father.” – Judah Smith, Does Your Soul Have an Anchor


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