Baby Blanket

I’ve been realizing recently how God was my father/mother/brother before my earthly family. I was created by Him and, in a way, born in Heaven before I was ever born to my family. The other day He gave me a picture of the most amazing baby blanket. The following is my attempt at describing it.

The blanket God wrapped you in when He birthed you. Made of stars and the breathe of the Spirit. You started out in the world enwrapped in love and covered with potential. You were wrapped up warm and snuggled. So many kisses to your forehead. You were held to His bosom for a long time.

His arms never tired. All he wanted to do was hold you. “All i want to do is take care of you.” Your breathes were deep and slow. Ultimate peace. All you felt was love. It was all you could comprehend. Love and peace was your only state.

That’s the song of innocence He’s singing over you.

“Slow your breath down, just take it slow. Find your smile now. Woah. You can trust in love again. You’re not alone. You’re now a part of me. You feel the cure; i’ll feel the toil that brought you.”


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