Psalming 3 – on Genesis 1

You said, “Let there be light,” and dreamed up color.

You said, “Let the waters be seperated,” and dreamed up swimming in the lake on a sunny summer day and dancing in the rain.

You said, “Let there be plants, ” and dreamed up apple crisp and french bread.

You said, “Let there be stars,” and dreamed up the awe that is the Milky Way.

You said, “Let there be birds,” and dreamed up my favorite bird call.

You said, “Let there be land animals,” and dreamed up adorable puppies and droll elephants.

You said, “Let there be men and women,” and dreamed up sweet, sweet babies.

You looked at the creation and saw all the potential for chocolate chip cookies, picnics, fresh cut grass, musicals and floral print dresses, and called it very good.


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