Comfort Fluff

The senses are such a wonder, aren’t they? Think about how amazing it is that there is a certain smell which embodies home for each person.

I never notice that home smell when I am at home, but when I’m away for a few days or a week, I am instantly comforted by it’s scent on my pillows and blankets. Blankets only smell like home for about a week.  But pillows. Pillows have the perpetual comforting smell of home. Your pillow is soaked in the smell of laundry detergent, tears cried over fictional characters, the floweriness of shampoo, tears cried over real-life pain, with a touch of fresh baked cookies, your baby brother, and dust mites.

Scientifically, I’m sure all this points to the fact that it is long past time for me to purchase a new pillow, but what matters is that there is a fabric puff on my bed which is infinitely comforting. What a magical thing.

(And, because I’m addicted to GMM).


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