As I’ve shared before, I imagine P.E. Island in perpetual Autumn. L. M. Montgomery describes it as such a delightful, picturesque place that it must have Autumn’s dreamy weather at all times. Because of this delusion I have, whenever I’m feeling Fall-y, I go to the library and check out every L. M. Montgomery book they have. I have read everything she has written at least twice.

(Except for Pat of Silver Bush/Mistress Pat. I just couldn’t befriend a character who enjoys the sound of Junebugs buzzing against the screen. What kind of crazy person is she??)

The point is, have you ever read L. M.’s short story – which is included in The Blythes are Quoted – entitled The Road to Yesterday? It is such a delicious, giggles-inducing confectionery. I would love to wake up at dawn to a grilled bacon and fresh strawberries picnic by the pond. Absolutely dreamy.

So naturally, I’m listening to this song and then I’m going to watch Sleeping Beauty.


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