Psalming 2

All praise to my Daddy for:

  • The juiciness of dried cherries.
  •  My car making up the hill leaving work each day.
  • My job is super fulfilling every day – it proves i can do my dream and that i’m right about my dream.
  • I learned how to make refried beans.
  • I have money to pay for college.
  • Charles Martin writes books.
  • Tennyson is coming!!
  • My brothers love me – like really love me.
  •  Mitchell enjoys reading.
  • Charlie takes his clothes off and runs around in excitement.
  • Ollie loves me.
  • Being single is super fun.
  •  Songs that capture exactly how i’m feeling.
  • Selah moments.
  • Dad’s love.
  • Cooking for people.
  • Being a successful adult.
  • I know how to make cake pops.
  • Good movies
  • LOTR never gets old – it gets new. So impactful!
  • I’m a woman.
  • One day, i will have babies.
  • “So This is Love” life.
  • Freedom to worship with Tasia and gals.
  • Dinner party with the girls.
  • Liz watching OUAT.
  • Psych Musical.
  • OUAT breaking my heart.
  • Guys being guys.
  • All my attractive brothers.
  • You’ve Got Mail.
  • The dress i’m going to wear in the Spring.
  • Water in my waterbottle.
  • Potato soup.
  • Ham. Real ham.
  • Musicals. Musicals with NPH.
  • Really good tacos.
  • Thinking of the perfect gift.
  • A Dad who fixes cars.
  • Jesus Culture’s drummer.
  • Noses and eyebrows.
  • When Charlie gets what i’m saying about Jesus – like way down deep.
  • Timothy Keller.
  • Daniel Bjerga – algebra teacher extraordinaire.


(Quick note: I am a nanny of two boys and have several younger brothers, so the boys referred to in this post are all under the age of 13. The one running around without his clothes is 3, and was still wearing underwear. Quite a funny sight.)





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