Sherbet Skies

One of the most discussed topics in my area currently is the Polar Votex. It  has been FRIGID here. But, because it’s been so cold for so long, it’s no longer something that we are joking about. People are starting to feel like they hate Winter, if they didn’t already. When i think about the fact that there will probably be six more weeks of winter, i feel a bit down too. I have some really cute Spring dresses i want to wear! So, i’ve decided to combat these blues by spending some time focusing on the wonderful things that have happened this cold Winter.

Right before Christmas, Daddy reminded me that i am really good at loving. So, i chose to use Christmas as a time to shower all that loving stored up inside of me on the numerous family members i was going to visit. I have never had so much fun in my life. Some of the stuff i did was hard and pushed me out of my box, but it was so worth it. People respond to love. I am blessed to be a part of a very loving family, on both my Mother and Father’s sides, but like most people, we don’t vocally express that feeling much. We know that we all love each other because we’re family, but we tell one another the specific reasons we like the others or why we love them. My Christmas gift to everyone this year was to vocalize the specific things i loved about them. I expressed each reason vocally in front of everyone to,  hopefully, remind the other family member that they liked that person too (even if they weren’t feeling it at the moment). It was. . . awkward standing in front of my whole family and talking about how much a loved them (and crying a little bit), but totally worth it. I made my Grandpa cry. I’ve only seen him cry once before. At his mom’s funeral. When i was little, i was afraid of him, because he’s a tough old dude. It was so special to share that tender moment with him, especially since more and more circumstances are showing how short of a time we have with him.

You know how family holidays can often be draining? You come away from them a bit exhausted and emotional dull? Well left my Christmas holiday feeling so refreshed and loved! It’s amazing how fluffy things are when you do them hand in hand with Daddy. It was just a sweet time. There was more openness and sharing of love then i’ve ever seen at one of our family gatherings.

Another lovely thing that Winter brings is a break from school. Which means all my friends are back from school. Woohoo!! This year, we threw a full on dinner party in celebration. We all put on our pretty cocktail dresses. We made lemon chicken, cheesecake, balsamic salad, roast veggies, cheesecake and Caprese Garlic Cheese Bread. We had an evening of practicing at adulthood while still being girls. It was such a moment to treasure, because we won’t always be coming back to the same area around  the end of December. It was the perfect way to start a new year.

Lastly, ever day of this cold, snowy Winter, i have been reminded that Daddy loves me enough to take care of little, or big depending on your perspective, details. To get to my job, i have to drive through a golf course – on a road, not off-roading. Said road is quite hilly. My job is actually at the bottom of that road. So. Snow, ice, wind and drifts make it hard to get up that hill. I don’t drive a truck or some four-wheel drive vehicle. I drive a small car. Every day this Winter, i have just asked Daddy to get me up the hill. And He has. Every time. Sometimes it’s taken a couple tries, but i’ve made it home every day.  At the start of the Winter, this was a really stressful thing and i was not happy about it. But now it’s turned into something that starts of my drive home every day with thanking my Daddy for getting me up the hill, which then leads to me thanking him for the sunrise that day or a cookie i ate or maybe just singing some songs together. It’s the best thing ever. Daddy and i spend every car ride home from work together. Then when i get  home to my family, i’m full of love to spill out on them, rather than being drained and just ready for bed.

Overall, i guess this Winter had just been more practice at choosing JOY. And i’m willing to put up with – no wait, to appreciate – some real cold temperaturesfor that.

Winter Morning



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