“There is a God-shaped hole in every heart.”

There is some truth in that statement – i think people do feel that there must be more that what they are seeing or experiencing – BUT i don’t think it really captures how God and our hearts relate. I hear that phrase, and i picture this puzzle piece shape missing from my heart. When i finally begin to live with and fellowship with Daddy, He would slide into that hole, a perfect fit that makes my life complete. God-shaped hole

When, in reality, i fell in love with my Daddy (and big Brother, Bridegroom and Comforter, etc.) it wasn’t like a puzzle piece fitting into my heart. It was like being swept off my feet and held by arms made to hold me. God isn’t shaped to fit my heart. I am designed to live in His arms. There is no place that feels more Right than when i am dwelling in His presence. There is NO WHERE better.

Honestly, it still astounds me every time i’m focused on Him. He’s SO good! When i choose to hop up in His arms, i’m indescribably joyful. I really don’t understand it. I’ll be singing and pouring out my heart to Him for twenty minutes, and all i can think is, “Woah. Woah! There is nothing like this. Nothing is as good as this. It’s SO good!”

I don’t know how to explain why it’s so great. If you were watching me, i might be just laying on the ground, listening to worship music, but when i get up off that floor, i’ve had the best time. The BEST.

I’ve had some marvelous experiences in life. Just this month i saw Josh Groban in concert – which was a dream come true for me. I finally found the soundtrack from the version of Guys & Dolls that has Marlon Brando, which i’ve been searching for for three years. I was given Josephina, the American Girl Doll, which i have dreamed of having since i was seven. Just yesterday i found out that Dave Barnes has a new Christmas album!! Which is just about the best news. I did a celebration dance when i found out. In front of my boss. I didn’t care, because i was so joyful. Also, i just found the sheet music for some of my favorite songs. JOY!

So my natural life is SWEET. But five minutes with Daddy is immeasurably BETTER.   

Can i just add, there is nothing as wonderful than knowing you’re where you were meant to be, knowing you are home, in the deepest sense of the word.



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