Streets of Gold

The dirt road to the camp i work at is almost completely lined in birch trees. During the wonder of the season when Daddy paints the woods all the colors of sunset, these birch trees have turned golden yellow. Bright yellow and white birch bark make a beautiful contrast.

I don’t know about you, but i often leave work frazzled and tired. Especially when i’m working at camp. Long hours, ya know. Daddy knows how to treat His daughter though, ’cause how can you stay frazzled when you are driving through a canopy of golden light? That is one of the reasons i love Autumn. It’s impossible for me to look outside without being joyful. No matter what the weather or scenery around it, a tree that’s leaves are golden or deep red, etc,  always looks gorgeous. Even cloudy, gray days look better in Fall. Right now, outside my windows, it is gray and completely overcast. Very small snowflakes are falling. But i can’t even be mad at the snow for coming while it’s still October (just barely) because behind then i can see a bright red maple and numerous golden glories. Isn’t is astounding how beautiful leaves look while they are dying? There’s some proof that God is Love.

The beauty outside is such a perfect reminder that i can choose to celebrate every day. That my Daddy has designed a wonderful place to for to live and i can live a life that brings even more of His love into it. It helps me to live life like this picture.  Aurora knows how to do life!




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