I’ve been learning how to dream.

I go to this AMAZING school of ministry, and Daddy has been blowing my mind through the experience. The best way to summarize it is that He has been teaching me how to dream. Really dream.

“We live in a cynical world. A cynical world.” As i’ve said before, i have  known that i was created to be a sunshine bubble, a Disney Princess at heart, but the world had gradually stolen that innocence away from me. There is this beautiful picture of an innocent and shameless world which Ted Dekker paints in the book Black. The people in the book live a life enwrapped in Love. They have no knowledge of good and evil. They aren’t focused on how the behave, acting properly and impressing others. They’re just walking in fellowship with their Creator. They don’t have to worry about behavior because they walk hand in hand with Daddy. He keeps them from stumbling. Innocence defines them. In the same way that a Disney Princess doesn’t think it’s odd that the mice are helping her make a gown, they accept their Creator’s gift and love without doubt. (Please don’t misunderstand me. I think logic and the mind are very important. We shouldn’t be governed by emotion. But i think that sometimes we can become so wrapped up in being mature and serious, that we forget the “faith like a child.”)

Deep in my spirit, i’ve known that i was made to live like that. Made for love.  But we’ve been trained to mock that girl dancing in the woods to the song she’s singing in her own heart. We’re conditioned to be cynical. I’m realizing that i need to be brought back to that place of innocence, just dwelling in Daddy’s love. This past year, Daddy has brought me to a place of wholeness and deep connection with Him so that i’m able to step past my own issues and dream with Him. He’s been opening up my heart.

He’s the one who “is able to do more than i can ask or imagine,” so i’ve been learning how to imagine.

“Awake, all you dreamers. Awake and be free, to dream the dreams of Him, who was slain, who was beaten. The warring of a lamb who can never be defeated.”  



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