I’m so GLAD i live in a world where there are Octobers! -Anne Shirley

Fall.. It’s my favorite season. A dear friend asked me why last year. When i tried to explain, i realized that i associate all my favorite things with Fall, even if they aren’t truly Autumn-related. Fall weather, the cool breezes and winds that make the warm sun all the more delicious, the sharp blue of the sky which emphasizes the cotton ball clouds and green – then orange, red and yellow – leaves, seems like the perfect backdrop for life. It’s weather that makes you want to put on your favorite cardigan and jeans, grab a woolly blanket and lay under some trees to read your favorite books.

Actually, it’s the weather to read a L. M. Montgomery book. I think, in my imagination, Prince Edward Island lives in a state of perpetual Autumn. How could Anne be anything other than her bubbly self when she lives in that magical place? On a beautiful Fall day, i feel like i’m living in my own magical P.E. Island. I don’t have my own apple orchard to read in, but i can go visit one with friends. My yard has plenty of green grass and blue sky to soak in while i read some book that’s good enough to make you laugh and cry and heal. My kitchen smells of yeasty bread raising and apple crisp baking. Louis and Ella sing to me about moonlight, New York and love. Life is magical, because Fall is here and it feels like the weather that fairies would be holding balls during.

Fall is the time of year to read Little Women for the 20+ time. It’s the time to daydream about your own Prof. Bhaer or John Brooke or Laurie.  You can almost imagine that you live at Plumfield and are all getting together for some apple picking and joy.

Fall is colors, smells and joy. I hope you are soaking it up into your soul like i am.



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